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Reflective Foil Insulation

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Reflective foil insulation has a long and interesting history that you may not know about. Perhaps its most colorful use is in the space program. During the space race of the 1950s, NASA scientists were confronted with the challenge of developing an insulating product that would protect astronauts from extreme temperature shifts, ranging from -273 degrees Celsius to +238 degrees Celsius. It was impossible to craft a useful space suit from conventional insulating materials because the suit would have to be several feet thick to work properly. The solution to this tricky problem was to employ reflective foil insulation within it to streamline it more and making it bearable to wear.

Reflective Foil Insulation - Protection From Both Hot And Cold

Reflective insulation used in space suits serve a double purpose. They reflect dangerous radiant energy from the outside of the suit, which would quickly cause an astronaut to overheat. Foil insulation also retains an astronaut's own radiant heat energy to help keep them warm in the cold environment. NASA also uses radiant barrier inside its space shuttles. This allows the crew to live and work within the space shuttle without having to wear heavy and cumbersome space suits. In fact, radiant barrier technology is used throughout the space program. These aluminum insulation products protect the shuttles themselves, as well as the mechanical and computerized components within them.

Other Uses of Reflective Foil Insulation

Reflective insulations have come a long way, in terms of uses, since the early days of the space program. Reflective thermal insulation is now found everywhere. It is used in commercial metal buildings and houses to insulate against the extremes of outside temperatures, and it is used in heating and air conditioning and hot water systems to increase energy efficiency. Reflective foil insulation is even used in the bag that your local pizza delivery person uses to keep your food piping hot from the restaurant to your dinner table. From keeping energy costs down, to keeping your pizza hot, aluminum foil insulation works. Help decrease your energy costs by placing reflective foil insulation in your home today!

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