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Radiant Barrier & Reflective Insulation Products by RadiantGUARD®

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When researching competitive insulation products, you're likely to discover conflicting and misleading information which causes confusion when trying to make a purchasing decision. We strive to provide consumers with unbiased honest information.

Please review the extensive information available on our website to help with your purchasing decision. With a quick understanding of a few physics concepts, you can learn how reflective insulation products work and identify some of the wild claims many competitors make about competing products. We encourage you tocontact us with any questions you have about our products or competitors claims.

Radiant Barrier & Reflective Insulation Products

RadiantGUARD® radiant barrier and reflective insulation products provide energy saving benefits by controlling the transfer of radiant heat.

Reflective products can both reflect heat away and keep heat in. The reflective surfaces reduce radiant heat transfer by reflecting 95% of the radiant heat energy back in the direction of the heat source.

RadiantGUARD® radiant barrier and reflective insulation products can be installed in countless applications to provide energy efficient savings. Our products are readily stocked and available for immediate shipping.

We also offer custom lamination and design services to meet your unique requirements.

Radiant Barrier Insulation

When installed in an attic space under the roof and on exterior gable walls, our Xtreme® radiant barrier reduces the temperature of an attic space in warmer months by reflecting 95% of the radiant heat energy away from the attic space. A cooler attic means you spend less money cooling your home.

During cooler months, this radiant barrier works to retain the heat in the attic space which means you'll spend less month heating your home.

Reflective Bubble Insulation

In the same way a radiant barrier works to block the transfer of radiant heat in an attic space, a reflective bubble insulation product provides the added benefits of controlling condensation, blocking moisture vapor transfer and providing an installed assembly R-Value for meeting building code requirements.

250 sf and 500 sf roll sizes readily available online in both single bubble or double bubble variations.

Custom roll sizes and volume pricing available upon request. Request a quote online or contact us toll free at (866) 528-8412.

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