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Radiant Barrier Journal

Winter will be here before you know it and that means you need to be prepared for snow and ice and the potentially damaging effects it can have on your residential home. 

While the visual effects of an ice dam are undeniably beautiful, the physical effects to your roofing system can be extremely damaging to a roof, gutters, paint, drywall, and your underlying framing structure.  This damage can also eventually lead to the growth of dangerous molds.

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While researching radiant barrier insulation online, many consumers are coming across paint products erroneously marketed as radiant barrier paint which are intended to be sprayed to the underside of the roof rafters to lower the emittance of radiant heat from the roof decking into the attic space.  While these products do help to lower the amount of heat that radiates into the attic space, the use of the termradiant barrier paintis false advertising and these products don't offer near the protection against radiant heat as a radiant barrier foil insulation product.

  • 3 min read

Many consumers are familiar with them term R-Value and how it relates to the effectiveness of a conventional attic insulation product.  While foil insulation doesn't have an R-Value (you can read more about radiant barrier r-values here), it doesINCREASE the performance R-Value of your existing R-Value rated insulation.

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Aradiant barrier (sometimes referred to as foil insulation or reflective insulation) is a thin reflective material that is designed to reflectradiant heat. Typically installed in residential attics, radiant barriers can reduce heating and cooling costs 5% to 10% and sometimes up to 15% is hotter climates

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We're often asked "What is the r-value of your RadiantGUARD radiant barrier?"  The answer is simply zero because radiant barrier doesn't work like an R-Value rated product.  So Exactly What Is An R-Value?

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Looking for a quick overview of the most important radiant barrier facts to separate fact from myth?  Below are the top radiant barrier facts to help get you started.