Reflective Barrier Insulation Installation

Reflective Barrier InsulationFor construction companies or individuals building a new home, the most efficient way to incorporate reflective barrier insulation is during the construction. However, this does not mean that owners of existing homes can’t take advantage of this technology cost effectively. 

Reflective foil insulation is thin yet thin, meaning it can be installed over existing insulation, even in a fully built structure. In the long term, thanks to the tremendous monthly energy savings and 2009 tax credits, homeowners will more than make back their original investment in this technology. 

Read on to learn more about this technology, and find out how can help you save even more. Reflective Foil Insulation

Even if you already have thick fiberglass insulation in your attic, reflective foil insulationis a great investment. The added protection of this efficient heat barrier more than pays for itself in energy savings over the months. 

Use this insulation in the attic of a home or commercial structure, as well as around ducts, in floor spaces, behind siding, around water heaters, and in other spaces where heat loss can cause inefficient energy use. 

When you buy your insulation materials and supplies through, the savings are even greater. carries the most popular and high quality reflective materials on the market, plus a few extras to complete the installation job. 


  • Premium (500 & 1,000 sq. ft.)
  • Ultima (500 & 1,000 sq. ft.)
  • White Double Bubble (500 sq. ft.)
  • Foil Double Bubble (500 sq. ft.)
  • Jet-Pallet (P1000p & U1000p)
  • Tape (aluminum, double-sided & white poly)


In addition to these radiant barrier insulation products and tapes, has a full inventory of installation accessories, such as staple guns, utility knives and scissors, extension poles and more. 

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