Radiant barriers easy to use with HVAC systems

Radiant BarriersDid you know that over time, a typical HVAC duct system can lose as much as 40% of the heating and cooling energy created by a furnace or central air conditioner. This loss is due to air leakage from the supply and return ducts and from conduction through the wall of the duct and is seen as a major loss of energy. Without radiant barriers, conduction causes heat loss when the warmed air heats the duct walls. Since heat is always conducted from hot to cold, this means the warm duct walls heat the cold air outside. This is particularly wasteful when ductwork is located in a crawl space beneath the home or in an attic above the home. Because of this heat loss, your furnace has to work even harder to make your home the comfortable temperature you want it to be. Because cold air is warmed as it passes through uninsulated ductwork in your hot attic, in the summer, the same principle means that your air conditioner has to work harder to cool your home. Foil bubble insulation from RadiantGUARD.com provides an ideal and relatively inexpensive solution.


Reflective building insulation on ductwork- easy install

Reflective Building InsulationBy placing an aluminum radiant heat barrier products on your duct work you will be reducing heat loss from the systems. Reflective building insulation can be easily installed on the outside of ductwork, utilizing spacers. Spacers are placed longitudinally, along the edges, or radially, wrapping around the ductwork at regular intervals. Both serve the purpose of creating an air pocket between the duct and the reflective building insulation, usually 1/2 to 1 1/2 inches. This air space is crucial for allowing the radiant energy from the outer duct wall to reflect back from the radiant barriers, providing the maximum energy retention, and cutting energy costs. 

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