Results You Can Expect With RadiantGUARD®

Below is an email and graph of temperature data submitted by a recent customer who installed RadiantGUARD® under his rafters in his attic.  Results are typical of installations of this manner in summer months:

June 23rd, 2006

"I'm sure you have good data showing the effectiveness of RadiantGUARD®, but I thought that I'd share my results with you and your guys.  You can take the engineer out of the business, but you can't take the engineer out of the retiree.  The middle grade radiant barrier was very easy to handle and install without tearing or puncturing.  After installing 2000 sq.ft. RadiantGUARD® in my attic, mostly stapled to the underside of the roof rafters, peak attic temperatures were lowered about 11 deg. F.  Corresponding electric power usage was lower by 20% for the month of May compared to May 2005.   For maximum benefits, I made sure that ambient air vents fed both the attic space above and below the foil, and the air space between foil and roof had unubstructed communication with either ridge vents or mechanical ventilators.  The only thing better is to install a new roof using aluminized decking.  Great Stuff!!"

     Charlie Beal
     Houston, Texas