RadiantGUARD® is Superior to "Radiant Barrier Paint"

There are several suppliers of products misnamed "radiant barrier paint" that are designed to be sprayed on the underside of the roof decking in the attic.  These "spray" products are paint solutions with added metallic flakes designed to reflect heat. 

These paint solutions are NOT true radiant barriers per the definition provided by the US Department of Energy (DOE).  

DOE Radiant Barrier Definition : a product must have a low emittance of 10% or less and high reflectance of 90% or more to be classified as a "radiant barrier"

Our RadiantGUARD® Ultima radiant barrier foil insulation products have an emittance of 5% and a reflectance of 95%;  far exceeding the DOE's radiant barrier minimum classification requirements.  For more information, visit the Department Of Energy website.

These spray paints do not come close to Department of Energy's definition for a radiant barrier. 

In 2006, David W. Yarbrough, Phd, PE conducted testing of the reflectivity properties of leading reflective paints.  He found that the emittance (heat that passes through the paint) of these paints varies widely.  In fact, ONLY FOUR of the products tested actually passed the DOE's required definition for such a paint product intended to reduce heat trasfer.

Our RadiantGUARD® Ultima radiant barrier emits only 3%  making them FAR SUPERIOR to radiant barrier paints.

Details of the findings can be found in Dr. Yarbrough's study.

While installation costs of radiant barriers and reflective paint products equate to about the same, RadiantGUARD® radiant barriers provide a quicker ROI (return-on-investment) because they block much more heat than the paints.

Additionally, reflective paints require more installation equipment (professional paint sprayer, protective clothing, and face masks making it a more difficult task for the average do-it-yourself (DIY) individual.  However, our RadiantGUARD® products are extremely easy to install requiring less installation tools and effort which results in a quicker ROI.