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Reflective Insulated Pallet Cover - 48-in x 40-in x 60-in (1 item)

SKU: RG-Pallet-48-40-60 UPC: 852166008976

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  • MATERIAL: Highly reflective lightweight metalized reflective film bubble insulation with Velcro closure.
  • SIZE: 48” by 40” wide and 60” tall. Fits North American standard pallets up to 60” tall.
  • BENEFITS: Effective moisture and vapor barrier with cushioning protection. Protects perishable foods and temperature sensitive items against spoilage and heat.
  • REUSABLE: Cost effective, lightweight, durable, compact and space efficient when not in use.
  • SAFETY: Non-toxic / non-carcinogenic. Manufactured with materials US government approved for incidental contact with food.

Ideal re-usable reflective thermal insulation protection for transportation and storage of pallets of temperature sensitive perishables including pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, fruits and vegetables, meats and cheese, poultry and seafood, wine and chocolates, and other cold chain managed products.

Reflects radiant heat to help maintain a consistent temperature (cold or warm) by reducing risk of temperature fluctuations due to temperature spikes.

Water resistant; non-absorbent; moisture and vapor barrier.