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Insulated Box Liners - 14-in x 14-in x 14-in - Pack of 15

SKU: RG-Liner-14-14-14-15 UPC: 852166008853

Highly reflective lightweight metalized reflective foil foam bubble insulated box liner 28 inch by 28 inch envelope with a 2 inch fold flap designed to fit cardboard or corrugated boxes14 inch by 14 inch by 14 inch.  Multipurpose design for use as a mailer envelope or box liner for thermal protection during transportation and shipping.

Non-toxic / non-carcinogenic, RadiantGUARD® insulated box liners are manufactured with materials evaluated by independent testing labs to be FDA approved for direct contact with food.  Ideal as a fish box liner or as a personal cooler bag.

Re-usable reflective thermal insulation provides protection for transportation shipping and storage of temperature sensitive perishables including:

  • pharmaceuticals and medicines,
  • biotech specimens,
  • cosmetics,
  • groceries including fruits and vegetables, meats and cheese, poultry and seafood, wine and chocolates,
  • grocery and restaurant food delivery,
  • event catering
  • frozen food shipping,
  • and other cold chain managed products.

RadiantGUARD® thermal insulated box liners are effective moisture and vapor barrier, leakproof and protects items against spoilage and fold flat making them compact and space efficient taking up less space than EPS Styrofoam coolers when not in use.