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Floor Insulation for Radiant Heating Systems

If you are considering installing a radiant floor heating system, or if you already have one in place, reflective foil insulation purchased from RadiantGUARD can dramatically increase your energy efficiency keeping floors warm as well as lowering your heating bill significantly. Foil insulation reflects upwards of 95-97% of the thermal energy that hits its surface. When installed in a radiant floor heating system, this will help ensure that the heat from the flooring tubes will bounce upward into the flooring above instead of down into the basement or crawlspace. Radiant barrier insulation has the added benefit of slowing heat loss through conduction to the colder surface below, whether that is a concrete slab or a cool basement.

Insulation Foil in Concrete Slabs

Reflective barriers can be particularly helpful when used under concrete slabs that incorporate radiant heating. That is because reflective barrier insulation can withstand the weight of a concrete slab without damage. This type of insulating material also exhibits very low moisture transmission rates and no moisture absorption, which means it can be used as a water vapor retarder in a concrete floor. In addition to retarding water vapor transmission, most reflective barriers also meet the standards set for retarding soil gases, such as radon. This versatile material can even serve as a mechanical barrier to termites in areas where termite infestation is slight to moderate.