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Buy Radiant Barrier

We offer three different grades of radiant barrier. Our Classic and Xtreme radiant barriers made of a metalized film and our Ultima-FOIL radiant barrier is an aluminum foil based radiant barrier.

Metalized Film Radiant Barriers

Our Classic and Xtrememetalized film radiant barriers are comprised of a middle layer of high strength woven fabric with a metalized film laminated to the top and bottom. A thin proprietary anticorrosive coating is added to both exterior metalized film surfaces to maintain surface reflectivity and prevent any loss of aluminum particles preventing corrosion.

These metalized film radiant barriers reflect/block 95% of the radiant heat and are wrinkle resistant laying flat for a nice clean installation appearance.

Aluminum Foil Radiant Barrier

This aluminum foil-based radiant barrier is comprised of a middle layer of a high strength woven fabric laminated to a 99.5% pure aluminum foil sheet layer to the top and bottom. Because the surface of aluminum forms a thin hard oxide layer, it naturally becomes very resistant to corrosion and therefore, no anticorrosive exterior is required; an advantage of using pure aluminum as a raw material.

Our Ultima-FOIL radiant barriers reflect/block 97% of the radiant heat and as a thick aluminum foil product, they are extremely durable/tear resistant and easy to position in difficult installation configurations where they stay in place.