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Attic Foil Lowers Your Utility Bills

Without an attic foil insulation in your attic, you're experiencing a tremendous amount of heat gain and loss in your attic year round.  Studies show that up to 90% of summer heat gain in an attic space is attributed to radiant heat and conventional insulation such a fiberglass, cellulose or rock wool doesn't combat radiant heat.  Those same studies attribute up to 75% of heat loss in the winter time to radiant heat.  Installing an attic foil in your attic space is a MUST to help protect your heat and cooling costs and keep your home more comfortable.

Installing a RadiantGUARD® attic foil is actually a project that homeowners can handle themselves. The easiest way to install attic foil insulation is to simply lay it over the floor joists of an attic covering any existing attic insulation. This is also the easiest installation method. You will not need to perform any overhead work or even worry about removing the existing insulation. This alone eliminates a great deal of work!  And by laying the attic foil over your existing insulation, you actually improve the efficiency of your existing insulation by greatly reducing the amount of heat the existing insulation has to manage.  For more information on how attic foil actually works, please see What Is Radiant Barrier.

Attic Foil Installation

Although installing an attic foil product is not as difficult as you may think, it does require a little bit of effort. However, there are a few ways to make the task a bit easier. As is often the case, a little bit of planning can reduce the challenges you face. When you are planning your installation, here are a few pointers to keep in mind:

  • Plan to work only in the morning when the attic is coolest
  • Break up the job over a few days to avoid afternoon heat
  • Arrange to have plenty of light available
  • Bring all materials up first to avoid unnecessary trips
  • Carefully read all installation instructions in advance
  • Always measure twice and cut once

It is also important to remember when purchasing your RadiantGUARD product that you use a perforated variety for this type of installation. Otherwise, moisture can be trapped under the attic foil and could damage your attic insulation and home. With a bit of careful and thoughtful planning, installing a RadiantGUARD foil insulation product can be one of the easiest and most beneficial home improvements you can make.

Learn more about our products, how to install radiant barrier and how to build a simply "roll caddy" to help make your DIY attic foil installation even easier.