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Reflex-AIR® 24-inch (100 sf) DOUBLE Bubble Reflective Insulation

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Reflects radiant heat, serves as vapor barrier to control condensation AND contributes to overall system application R-Value.

RadiantGUARD® Reflex-AIR® Reflective Insulation

Reflex-AIR® reflective insulations are NOT your basic bubble packaging.  Our products are industrialized bubbles manufactured using high grade PE for longevity with integrity to maintain the enclosed air spaces over the life of the product and provide increased strength and puncture resistance. Unlike foam products which are created by injecting various gases into PE, our bubble insulations are eco-friendly, non-toxic, non carcinogenic, and fiber-free with no chemical off-gasing.

Each independently enclosed bubble layer is sealed with multiple layers of polyester creating highly durable closed air bubbles which prevent the loss of air over time and provide excellent thermal benefits.  Combined with highly reflective exterior surfaces that reflect radiant heat, our Reflex-AIR® reflective bubble insulation products are superiors at providing thermal protections against all three forms of heat transfer; radiant, conduction, and convection.

RadiantGUARD® Reflex-AIR® reflective double bubble insulation is

  • two layers of polyethylene industrialized air bubbles bonded between two layers of highly reflective metalized aluminum polyester film,
  • reflects radiant heat that strikes its surface across an air space,
  • is lightweight yet durable,
  • is 24 inches wide by 50 feet long for a total of 100 square feet with a shipping dimension of 24" X 10" X 10",
  • is non-toxic, non-carcinogenic, fiber-free, and does not require protective clothing or respirators to install,
  • is easy to install and maintenance free (reflective insulation installation methods),
  • is not affected by moisture or humidity,
  • controls condensation by keeping warmer moist air away from cooler dry air,
  • does not provide a growth medium or nutritive value for fungus, insects or rodents,
  • does not support the growth of mold or mildew,
  • and lowers heating and cooling costs year round.

Common Uses for Reflex-AIR® Reflective Bubble Insulation

Reflex-AIR® bubble insulation products are very effective when used in

  • Walls and roofs in Metal, Steel and Commercial Buildings, Pole Barns, Post Frame, Agricultural and Poultry Barns
  • Concrete slabs and under flooring with or without radiant heating/pex tubing,
  • Crawl Spaces, Basement / Concrete Block Walls and Ceilings, Wine Cellars, and Storm / Storage Shelters,
  • To wrap a Hot Water Heater or Water Storage Tank or to adhere behind a Metal Stove or Hot Water Radiator
  • In Ground and Above Ground Swimming Pool, Hot Tub Covers and Wraps
  • Carport, Sheds, Storage Units, Tents, Yurts, Quonset Huts, Hunting Cabins and Shelters
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