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Attic Tent (AT2) Reflective Insulation for Attic Ladder

Part #: RG-AT2

Category: attic tent

Type: attic tent

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54" L x 25" W x 7" H. The AT-2 Attic Tent is easily installed and immediately provides energy savings by eliminating drafts from your attic space.

Installing an attic tent can DRAMATICALLY reduce air transfer (heat gain and heat loss) in your home year round LOWERING YOUR ENERGY BILLS by making your home more comfortable.

Perfect for insulating folding attic stairs, knee wall doors, and attic scuttle holes, this specially engineered, patented reflective insulation product (R-Value 3.2) is designed to create an air transfer barrier between your attic and living areas reducing the amount of air that travels between your living space and attic space and blocking humidity from entering your home.

Manufacturer: Attic Tent

Size: 24" X 54" by 7" (fits attic ladders with a 25" by 54" opening and 1" by 4" side rail that is 7" high or less above the ladder frame when ladder is closed).

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