ULTIMA-foil (500 sf roll) - Breathable (perforated) (4 ft X 125 ft)

Breathable 500 square feet roll
Industrial/Commercial NO-TEAR radiant barrier

Ultima-foil 500 sf breathable radiant barrier

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This radiant barrier is designed & approved for BUILDING related applications for use in both residential & commercial structures.

**See below or click for Detailed Description and Technical Specifications.

Detailed Description

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Is not affected by oxidation - read more about aluminum oxidation here.

RadiantGUARDĀ® Ultima-foil radiant barrier is an aluminum radiant barrier that PASSES the current required ASTM fire test (ASTM E84-10 using the E2599 mounting method) for building materials. For more information, please see our E84-10 & E2599 Fire Test page.

RadiantGUARDĀ® Ultima-foil radiant barrier is

  • a double-sided, multi-layered radiant barrier approximately 6.5 mils in thickness (6.5 thousandths of an inch / .0065 inches)

  • durable and designed to hold staples without tearing,

  • available in both a perforated (breathable) version and a solid (non-breathable vapor barrier) version (need advice on whether you need perforated or solid version?)

  • Class A / Class 1 fire rated,

  • is Made In The USA, and

  • available in both a 500 square feet and 1,000 square feet roll size (48" wide):

    • 500 sf roll shipping weight is 15 lbs

    • 1,000 sf roll shipping weight is 28 lbs

Interested in volume pricing on pallet quantities (48,000 square feet) or our Distributor Program?  Please view this information to request additional information.

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RadiantGUARD® Benefits:

  • Reflects 97% of the radiant heat

  • Class A / Class 1 Fire Rating

  • Non-toxic / non-carcinogenic

  • Fiber free

  • Does not require protective clothing or respirators to install

  • Durable and lightweight

  • Not affected by moisture or humidity

  • Easy to install and maintenance free

  • Made in the USA

  • Lowers heating and cooling costs year round

Detailed RadiantGUARD® Radiant Barrier Specifications


RadiantGUARD® Ultima-foil Technical Specifications

Double-sided reflective ALUMINUM with polyethylene woven reinforcement
Thickness 6.5 mils (0.0065 of an inch)
Weight 28 lbs per 1,000 sf
Tensile/Tear Strength Machine direction: 80.4 lb/in width
Cross direction: 65.4 lb/in width
(ASTM D882)
Pliability 70°F ± 5°F & 50 ± 5% Relative Humidity
No Cracking or Delamination
(ASTM C1313)
Adhesive Performance 180°F ± 5°F & 50% Relative Humidity
No Bleeding or Delamination
(ASTM C1313)
Corrosivity 100% humidity at 71°C ± 2°C for 7 days
(ASTM D3310-00)
Resistance to Fungi PASS No Growth
(ASTM C1338-00)
Fire Rating
Flame Spread
Smoke Development
Fire Rating: Class A / Class 1
Flame Spread Test: 0
Smoke Development: 10
(ASTM E84-10 with ASTM E2599)
Permeance: Perforated version: 8.5 perms
Solid vapor barrier version: (.02 perms)
(ASTM 96-00)
Thermal Properties Reflectivity: 97%
Emissivity: 3%
(ASTM C1371-98)

All RadiantGUARD® radiant barriers meet the Standard Specifications for Sheet Radiant Barriers for Building Construction Applications ASTM C1313 and the State of California Insulation Standards.

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