Radiant Barrier Roof Sheathing

Many building supply companies offer a plywood or OSB (oriented strand board) sheathing product with a radiant barrier already laminated to one side of the board.  This radiant barrier roof sheathing product is generally used for new roofing applications where the radiant barrier sheathing product is used as the roof decking with the radiant barrier side laid downwards towards the attic.  Felt and shingles are then applied as usual over the sheathing decking.

This method of installation is easier for construction and roofing companies because it combines two installation steps into one thereby saving time: 1) installation of the radiant barrier and then, 2) installation of the roof decking.

However, these pre-laminated radiant barrier plywood/OSB sheathing products are very expensive.  

We offer a simple solution to radiant barrier plywood/OSB sheathing products to combine the installation steps:

RadiantGUARD® Ultima 48" width radiant barrier can be easily stapled to a sheet of plywood or OSB before the plywood is installed as roof decking.

end of roll

stapling radiant barrier on osb

finished radiant barrier decking

With RadiantGUARD® radiant barriers, you can create your own radiant barrier plywood sheathing that is:

  • Of Higher Quality Tear and Puncture Resistance - Many OSB radiant barrier manufacturers use a lightweight radiant barrier which can easily tear during transportation or construction site storage.
  • Breathable - Using our perforated radiant barriers in this application guarantees you the comfort in knowing that you have a "breathable" product.  Some manufacturers have had issues in the past with the glue used during the lamination process "sealing" up any perforations that may have existed in the barrier before the manufacturing process.  It is important to have a breathable sheathing to allow moisture generated within a building structure to pass outside the building envelope to reduce condensation buildup which could potentially result in damage to other insulation and wood structure supports.
  • Less Costly - This application is approximately 1/5 the cost of pre-laminated radiant barrier plywood/OSB sheathing products on the market today.

All RadiantGUARD® radiant barriers meet the Standard Specifications for Sheet Radiant Barriers for Building Construction Applications ASTM C1313 and the State of California Title 24 Insulation Standards and are ENERGY STAR qualified products.