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Highly Efficient Radiant Barrier Insulation

Radiant Barrier InsulationInsulation is used to try to affect the transfer of heat. In the summer, traditional insulation attempts to blocks exterior heat and in the winter it keeps the heat inside. Most insulation attempts to slow the transfer of heat. Eventually, though, these materials will become saturated, heating up and allowing for the heat to move through them.

Radiant barrier insulation products are not designed to slow heat transfer. Instead they are designed to reflect heat. This is much more efficient. The Department of Energy has determined that products advertised as radiant barriers must reflect at least 90% of radiant heat energy. RadiantGUARD products are even more effective. Constructed on 99% aluminum, they are able to deflect 95-97% of radiant heat.

In the summer, the benefits are obvious. Heat is deflected away from the building, lessening the burden of your cooling system. Not only can this lessen energy use by as much as 35% during peak hours, it can actually extend the life of air conditioning systems. In the winter, RadiantGUARD insulation reflects the heat back into the building instead of allowing it to escape into the atmosphere.

Not only are RadiantGUARD radiant barrier insulation products among the most effective ways to improve a building’s energy efficiency, they are also among the easiest to install. Existing insulation products usually do not need to be removed. RadiantGUARD products can be installed right over fiberglass and sprayed cellulose insulations. Many do it yourselfers have successfully installed their RadiantGUARD products in a single weekend.

There are RadiantGUARD products for every application. From foil for attics to double bubble insulation that has been specially designed for concrete floors and radiant heat systems. You can easily order the right product for your application through our online catalog or contact us if you have a large volume order requiring pallet or shipping container delivery.

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