Foil Insulation

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foil insulationA foil insulation in your attic will enhance the performance of the insulating materials already installed in your home. foil insulation can reflect upwards of 95-97% of the radiation transferred from your roofing. Because this energy is reflected and not absorbed by the material, it cannot be emitted through to the top of the mass insulation. Standard insulating products works by reducing heat conduction by trapping air, a slow conductor, within the material. Once the air within the product is saturated with heat, however, that energy will always be conducted to a cooler area. In the summer, this means it will be transferred to the cooler ceiling. In the winter, it means that the warmth from your ceiling will be conducted up through the insulating material and into the cooler attic or roof area. Foil insulation can ensure that most of the radiant energy that passes through your roofing will never reach your mass insulation.

If your mass insulating material in your attic stays cooler, it will conduct less heat to the ceiling below, and if your ceiling stays cooler, the rooms below will also stay more comfortable. When your entire insulating system is working more efficiently, your air conditioner will not need to run as often. The air in your rooms will stay cooler longer. You will not only be saving on energy costs with foil insulation, you could potentially save on  equipment repairs because your air conditioning system will not be working as hard to keep up with the sweltering heat outside.

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