Radiant Barrier Foil & Bubble Wrap Insulation

RadiantGUARD® radiant barrier and reflective bubble insulation reduce heating and cooling costs making your home more comfortable both in the summer and winter months all while lowering your energy consumption saving you money year round.  How do radiant barriers work? By BLOCKing up to 97% of the radiant heat from passing through it.  Our Do Radiant Barriers Work tells you how.

Our radiant barrier and reflective insulation products are ASTM certified (including ASTM e85) giving you confidence in the quality of our products achieved through rigorous testing under standards accepted worldwide.

For more information on how to install radiant barrier, please visit our Installation Techniques page. Stay informed about the radiant barrier tax credit.

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Ultima-foil "Breathable" Reflex-AIR White Bubble
foil insulation
Reflex-Air White bubble wrap insulation

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attics, walls, and as
(BLOCKS heat)


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for use in
crawl spaces, basements
metal/steel buildings, and
pole barns
adds R-Value)

Sale Price: $129.00
Sale Price: $104.00

Lower Your Utility Bills

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A majority of the heat gain in a home comes from the ceiling above in warmer months  as a result of heat transfer from an attic space above.  An attic space is heated in the summer months by thermal radiation from the sun. The shingles on a roof absorb radiant heat from the sun, and then transfer this heat (via conduction) into the attic space below.  This heat is then radiated from the roof decking into the attic space and subsequently into your living space below resulting in increased temperatures and added strain on your air conditioning units to maintain a comfortable temperature.

While most homes have one of many different types of conventional insulation, that alone cannot stop the transfer of radiant heat into living spaces.  Conventional insulation is designed to absorb heat up to a certain amount.  Once the insulation reaches its holding capacity (saturation), the heat is then transferred completely through into the areas below.

A RadiantGUARD® reflective foil insulation BLOCKS 97% of radiant heat transfer when placed between the roof and the living spaces below.  By either stapling to the underside of a roof decking or rafters, or laying over the attic floor over existing insulation or none, our foil faced insulation can significantly improve the comfort of your home.  Without this added heat from the attic space above, living spaces stay cooler and your air conditioning unit runs less often resulting in lower utility bills for the consumer.

RadiantGUARD products are ASTM C1313 qualified

RadiantGUARD® radiant barriers are double-sided, highly reflective, and reinforced with a poly fabric scrim for tear and puncture resistance available in both perforated (breathable) and solid (vapor barrier) versions.  All RadiantGUARD® foil insulation products meet the Standard Specifications for Sheet Barriers for Building Construction Applications ASTM C1313 and State of California Title 24 Insulation Standards.