Foil Insulation

You'll find plenty of information here regarding energy savings, how-to advice, government standards for efficiency, construction guides and more. Why is RadiantGUARD so excited about foil insulation?

Here's why:

When you apply insulation foil properly you take a great idea and make it superior. For example, if you have an attic that is properly insulated, you've taken good care of a roof that been properly built and covered, you maintain your home or office regularly and you watch the thermostat in the heat of summer and cold of winter, foil insulation can optimize the great strides you've already taken and provide you with savings in all areas.

Of course, you have already been convinced or you are at least curious, or you wouldn't be here. However, we don't think there's any harm in providing Energy Saving Resources, FAQs, historical data on radiant barriers, government information on energy saving intiatives, etc., even if our wise customers already understand how smart this material and its implementation is. If you do already know and are just here to get a high quality product at a competitive price, welcome. Please shop and place your order and let us know if you require more assistance. And if you think of it, please forward the link to our website on to some of your family members, friends, coworkers or organization. We think the more individuals who know about saving with this simple effort, the better.

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Insulation Foil Results

See "Results You Can Expect" under the More Information navigation bar to your left. There, you'll see the difference insulation foil made on a sunny day in Houston, TX as documented by one of our customers. While the temperature in the attic below the roof decking and above RadiantGUARD was above 120 degrees, the temperature was considerably cooler below RadiantGUARD. See for yourself and let us know if you'd like to submit your results pre- and post-installation of your RadiantGUARD foil insulation.

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Foil Bubble Insulation