Builder Benefits - ENERGY STAR Qualified New Homes

With rising energy costs, everyone is concerned about lowering their utility bills.  Every year, over 2,800 builders across the United States construct more than 200,000 homes which become qualified as ENERGY STAR.

By partnering with ENERGY STAR, builders can provide their customers with a new home that uses less energy thereby offering lower utility bills for the lifetime off the new home.

ENERGY STAR partnered builders receive in the following market advantages:

  • Market differentiation and recognition - builders are recognized as leaders in energy-efficient construction and environmental stewardship, providing valuable peer and public recognition.

  • Increased revenue - the energy-saving features used in ENERGY STAR qualified homes can increase revenue.  In addition, projected future utility bill savings may allow buyers to purchase additional upgrades now, further increasing the builder's profit.

  • Enhanced customer satisfaction - the energy-efficient features built into ENERGY STAR qualified homes increase the buyers comfort and satisfaction, resulting in fewer buyer complaints.

  • EPA support - ENERGY STAR partnered builders can use EPA-produced marketing and technical resources at no cost helping them to distinguish themselves in the marketplace.

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