Aluminum Foil Insulation Benefits

Aluminum Foil Insulation

Every day, in perhaps a dozen different ways, we see just how adaptable and useful aluminum is in just about every area of the home. At about one-third of the weight of other metals, this versatile element is extremely light, flexible and more resistant to corrosion than other more expensive metals. The metal's exceptional reflectivity and heat conductivity make it ideal for aluminum foil insulation and other construction applications.

In addition to these features, aluminum possesses a number of other attributes that make it perfect for use in aluminum insulation, including:

  • Malleable
  • Strong for its weight
  • Thermally conductive, a trait that means is effective at blocking radiant heat
  • Nontoxic
  • Ductile, making it easy to fabricate and cold-work
  • Mixable with other metals for an alloy with all the best attributes
  • Recyclable
  • Abundant, which makes it affordable

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