Aluminum Foil Insulation For Your Home

Aluminum Foil Insulation Types

Are you trying to do things that can save our planet like recycling or using cloth bags? We have something that you can use and be proud of. Nothing says "Go green" like energy saving insulation reflective foil products from RadiantGuard. RadiantGuard proudly protects your energy costs by offering a variety of aluminum foil insulation options to help you create the most energy efficient atmosphere possible, both on the home front or a commercial setting.

Homeowners and business owners who use RadiantGuard aluminum foil insulation know the how effectively these products block and reflect ambient energy, resulting in lower utility bills and a more responsible use of household energy. Its really simple to buy, use and see the savings.

Foil Bubble Insulation

  • Foil-bubble-white poly insulation
  • Foil-bubble-foil
  • Foil-fiberglass-vinyl

Foil-bubble-white insulation, used to insulate concrete, is made up of a polyethylene bubble layered between 99% pure aluminum and puncture-resistant white polyethylene. The foil-bubble-foil variety consists of two layers of insulation foil with a layer of polyethylene bubble between them. The two materials work in tandem to block vapors and radiant energy; the polyethylene layer serves to block thermal heat and vapors, while the duel foil layers block all but a very small percentage of radiant energy. Foil-fiberglass-vinyl consists of fiberglass that is contained in foil and white facing. This type of insulating product is generally used in both commercial and residential insulation.

To assist consumers in determining which insulation types are appropriate for different applications, RadiantGUARD has provided a number of resources to visitors to First, complete descriptions of all our products, as well as installation guidance and applications, are included in the Shop Categories pages located at the left-hand side of the page. We’ve also made available a number of educational articles under the More Information menu to help you in your reflective foil insulation purchase and beyond. If for any reason you can’t find the specific information you need on our site, please contact RadiantGUARD toll free at (866) 528-8412. A RadiantGUARD professional will be happy to get you the radiant barrier information you need to make an informed choice.